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Draco Malfoy

Mocked by Parchment

The second time through making the potion for lucid dreaming went much faster and easier. Draco felt relieved, too, that having vented his spleen earlier in the day, Snape was much more tractable. He even convinced Draco to hang him for a short period of time, so that he could visit Hogwarts for more research, leaving Draco alone for a while.

Draco sat down with a stack of parchment intending to write to Scarlett.

But what could he say? Every time he tried to even write her name he felt paralysed.

After an hour of that, he finally wrote to his mother. He'd been writing her about once a week since the whole treatment of Andromeda began. Perhaps... perhaps she'd write Scarlett's mother to at least let her know that he hadn't succumbed yet.

Dearest Mother,

My apologies for the delay between last owl and this one, but unfortunately I cannot claim that innocuous delays are to blame and that you needn't have worried. The situation here is not good and I have only now mustered the energy to tell you more. You must promise, before you read further, that you will keep Father there in France. Having him here now would only make things worse for me. I wish you could come without him, but Tap the parchment and say "promise" and the rest of the letter will be revealed.

The curse which has been afflicting Andromeda has caught me, too. I must ask, are you experiencing nightmares about being trapped? I do not think the curse necessarily will afflict all of us with Black blood, but I must be sure. In my case I looked into Andromeda's mind, and the mechanisms of the curse caught me up that way. It remains to be seen whether I am actually cursed, or merely suffering the symptoms.

The portrait of Severus Snape has been extremely helpful. We've invented a potion that induces lucid dreaming, and it works quite well. I took it and so I know firsthand. If I live through this, I shall have to consider publishing the formula. In fact, if I don't live through this, know that my notes are in the lab and should be decipherable with the portrait's help.

I am telling you this, and not Scarlett, because my lovely wife has seen fit to flee to her parents instead of standing by my side. I am shocked by this, as I am sure you are. She always seemed such a stalwart presence and indeed, recently I had thought we had begun to get on better after a difficult patch. I had even floated the idea that now that Scorpius is nearly grown, perhaps a second child...? I am shaking my head in dismay. Was it all just an act on her part all these years? Now that Scorpius is nearly grown, does she feel it is time to be quit of me and her obligations to me?

I could list a hundred more questions. And she is not here, so I cannot even ask them of her. What do you think? Did she expect me to chase after her? Is this yet one more way I have failed her as a husband? Given that at the time of her flight I was unconscious and unwakeable, potentially on the verge of death, I cannot see how she would expect me to.

She has deserted me when I need her most. Harry Potter may be a hero, but he is not a wife, and although his help has been essential to my recovery and the battle we are still waging for Andromeda's sake, well, as I said, he is not a wife.

Please shed what light you can on the mysteries of a witch's mind. I would welcome news of her if you happen to correspond with her mother? I have tried to write her but the feeling that she is expecting to hear from my solicitor or from the funeral parlour instead of from me prevents me actually doing so.

My apologies for the direness of this letter. I never wanted to cause you pain or upset after all you have done for me. But for obvious reasons, I could not hide this from you.

Your loving son,

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