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Draco Malfoy

Dream a little dream of me...

Draco returned from Andromeda's house emotionally exhausted, but upbeat. The past several nights he'd worked himself up to the point where he could go the entire night now using Lucid Dreams before the nightmares would start to creep in. He still couldn't wake without Harry's help, but the dreamscape felt less and less like a place a danger.

And more and more like a place of refuge. But at least he was rested for the first time... in as long as he could remember.

Andromeda would be weaned onto the potion gradually. Her mind was in a more ravaged state than his, after all. But he'd given her the potion last night, and today, she recognised him and spoke to him. They had contemplated moving her to Malfoy Manor, but there was too much chance that the proximity to Bellatrix's rooms could trigger the nightmares again. So she stayed with her team of mediwitches keeping watch. If there was one thing they did well, it was keep to a schedule of medication. Draco was relieved. They'd ramp up her dosage gradually while he and Snape worked on the next part.

Tonight they'd be testing an additional potion that should augment the first. Perhaps it might even allow him the strength to wake on his own. He made his way to the lab trying to shrug off the sadness that soon there would be no more excuses for Harry to kiss him. Each night, it had seemed easier, more welcome. Or perhaps that was just wishful thinking.
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