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Owl to Lily

Lilster -

You haven't heard from Mum and Dad recently, have you?



Post-Moon Troubles...

"I'm not stupid, you know..." 

Eden heard the voice as she stepped out of the potions classroom. She walked ahead, hoping that it wasn't aimed at her and that no-one would stop her on her way back to her room. It was so close, sweet oblivion, rest and relaxation, just a few more steps. She could make it, she could.

This moon had been hard, she wasn't sure why, it just was; and as a consequence, she was recovering much more slowly than she usually did. She hadn't dared to look in the mirror this morning...

"Blakeney! I said, I'm not stupid you know..."

Eden sighed and turned, recognising the voice now. "Jamie," she said simply, watching as the Gryffindor pushed her shoulders from the wall where she was leaning. "I know you're sick. Everyone knows you have your own room, 'cus the Headmaster said you need time to 'recover'. I know what you are, Blakeney, and I'm not going to let you turn James into what you are and destroy his life..."

Panic surged through Eden's blood, making her dizzy. She wasn't strong enough to fight the girl like this, and frankly, there were still people who would support Jamie for hurting her for what she was. She'd underestimated Jamie, that was for sure. She hadn't expected to be outed so soon.

"I don't know what you're talking about..." Eden said carefully, looking cautiously around the empty corridor, not sure if she wanted someone there to help her, or whether it was safer to be alone for this.

Jamie's smirk was smug. Triumphant.

Owl to Sasha


I know this might come as a surprise. I don't even know if you've heard. It's Draco and I...we...it's...

I'm not in England at the moment, but I was hoping I would be able to come and visit. Perhaps stay a few days. I really need to talk to you. Sasha, I know I have no right-Draco and I

You can return the letter with my owl, she knows how to find me.

I hope to speak to you soon,


At Hogwarts A-Searching

Severus hurried into the painting. "Greetings, Madam Cornfoote," he said with a bow.

The old woman looked up from her desk and peered over her half-moon spectacles. "Why, Severus, what brings you here?"

She had been painted in her office, at a grand desk, with a large bookshelf behind her. At one time, approximately two hundred years ago, she had been the Potions teacher that all students had feared. Well, all but Slytherins, of course. Severus had learnt a fair bit from her portrait's sly advice, once upon a time, when he was inexperienced in the classroom.

"I am looking for a book," he said, "perhaps more than one, that will help me with a thorny problem."

He laid out the problem as if it were completely a theory, not a crisis that held lives in the balance.

Madam Cornfoote frowned. "Severus, you find far more pleasure in carrying on these kinds of inquiries than I do, you know. I think I shall go up and visit Dumbledore, but if you would like to have a look through the books on my shelves, please, you are welcome to them."

Severus bowed to her. The moment she was out of the frame, though, he began to search. He had only a little time. He had promised them back at the Manor that he would return to the frame there quickly, and that they would unhang him again as soon as he did.

What, it's been ages...

James sat by the door of the library, putting the finishing touches on his Potions essay. It was, he had to admit, something of a masterpiece. Outstanding Potions NEWT, here I come, he thought confidently, writing his name at the top of the paper with a flourish.

"I like the way you do your J's," said a voice from behind him. He glanced up to see two sixth-year Gryffindor girls looking down at him. One was tall, wearing a skirt much too short for her and popping gum. The other was slightly plumper and looked, as she usually did, rather dumbstruck.

"Hi Jamie," he said. "Hi Gretel."

"Hi," Jamie said, swinging her long legs over the chair beside him. "Seriously, I love the way you write your name. I might copy it." She shifted right to the edge of the chair, looking over his arm at his essay.

"Er, thanks," he said.

"You know," she said. "Because our names are similar. James and Jamie."

"Right, yes," he said, puzzled. "Aha."

"Kinda like fate, don't you think?" she said in a husky voice, her bare knee brushing up against his leg. Gretel giggled. "So... do you think we'll win the next game?"

He brightened. He knew how to talk about Quidditch. "Well, yes," he said. "Definitely. We've got a really strong side - our Beaters are twice the size of Ravenclaw's, even if their seeker's really streamlined," he said fondly. "Yeah - and Slytherin - ha, Slytherin's chasers are all in it for themselves. No teamwork. So we'll definitely get the cup this year, I reckon, no matter who makes the final."

"Fascinating," Jamie said, drawing idle patterns on his sleeve with her fingertip.


Nigel wanted to surprise Lily. He had asked to get to the Room of Requirement after dinner and not eat too much, that he'd take care of dessert. In fact he had some melted chocolate with different fruits, some drinks and cheesecake for them both to share. He was nervous, very nervous as he waited for her to show up, candles lit up around the room.

Instead of a couch, there was just a bunch of cushions where they would be able to relax and spend some time together.

Owl to Mel

Dear Mel,

I hope you're having a good holiday, or is it already over? I can't remember when holidays were meant to fall this year.

I don't know if you realised but I left Hogwarts rather quickly, and I'm sorry I didn't have chance to say goodbye, but I was rather preoccupied.  My research did come to something in the end, I found my father.

To be honest I'm still processing everything, but I do know he was a wizard, and that he died soon after he left me and Mum.  Look I can't and don't want to really write about this.  If you want to know anymore I'll come up to Hogsemeade for the next weekend trip, just let me know.



Owl to Malfoys

Dear Draco and Scarlett,

I trust that you are both well.

I'm writing to let you know that your family portrait will be complete within two weeks.  The painting itself is finished and requires only signing.  The completion process of drying, framing and completing all the final charms should take ten to fourteen days.  I will owl again when the process is complete to arrange a suitable time for you both to view and have the piece installed.  If you would like to view the portrait in the intervening time you are, of course, most welcome, simply owl me as you wish.

My warmest wishes, and I look forward to seeing you soon,


Dean Thomas.

Grading papers and late night tea

Luna sat at her desk, her wand tucked behind her ear as she graded Charms essays for her seventh years. She was really pushing them hard like Professor Flitwick would have.

Some things had changed, but others hadn't. There were still the smart kids and those who tried sucking up to get better grades. Of course those who tried never got the better grades. They usually ended up with detention instead.

Luna sighed as she finished the last essay. Some students still thought they could get away with writing big so they could reach the required length. 

She thought about going down to the kitchens and having a cup of tea before she went off to her rooms and curled up in front of the fire with one of her favorite books. With those thoughts in mind, she packed up her desk and headed for the door.


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