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Back to the Manor

Severus finished what research he could do at Hogwarts, had a chat with Phineas Nigellus Black about Black family history, and then returned to his frame at Malfoy Manor. As he walked in and set the books he had borrowed from Madam Cornfoote onto the desk, he saw that Draco was bent over the worktable, his quill scratching furiously.

Beyond him, the previous batch of the potion for Lucid Dreaming roiled in a clear beaker, the second batch, not yet transformed by blood, sat in another for Andromeda.

They still needed to find a way to break the actual curse, though. A way to purge it from her system. Severus took a seat, watching Draco write, oblivious to his presence. Was there a cursed object to get rid of still? Or had the curse, once unleashed into Andromeda, no longer needed an anchor? What if the mad bitch had actually cursed her own blood, meaning that Narcissa, Scorpius, and Teddy would likely fall prey to it, too?

He had several useful books to read now on that score, and he opened one, but did not get to read more than half a page before Draco looked up.
Tags: afternoon, complete, draco/severus, malfoy manor
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