Eden Blakeney (edenblakeney) wrote in aww_rpg,
Eden Blakeney

An Ease To Frustration...

Eden stormed across the grounds, towards the Quidditch lockers, her stride purposeful and determined. Other Gryffindor's passed her as she walked, but she didn't pay them any attention, her goal firmly in sight.

She'd been bored, doodling on parchment in an alcove by a window, when she'd seen the Gryffindor Quidditch team practicing. Curious, she'd moved herself around and watched them, finding it easy to pick James out of the crowd. As she'd watched, with fondness at first, she'd found herself stirred in a completely different way. A sweaty, flustered and dominating James was indeed a sight to behold...

Standing as soon as they'd made their way to the locker rooms, Eden pushed her way through the halls and out through the door, her blood running hot and needy.

She arrived at the doors, startling another Quidditch player as she pushed her way in. "Oi! You're not supposed to-" was all she heard before slamming the door in his face. She could hear the shower running and moved through the room, snapping at a scared looking chaser to get out, and get out now.

As she'd suspected, James, as captain, was last in the room, and as she watched him rinse his hair, her ears caught the chaser making a hasty retreat. Taking a deep breath, Eden kicked off her shoes, but didn't remove anything else, and she stepped under the water. Scraping the hair back from her face, she grasped James' hips and spun him, dropping to her knees.
Tags: afternoon, eden, eden/james, hogwarts, james, mature content, rp
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